Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless Networks enable organizations to expand their IT footprint and capabilities rapidly, but improperly configured wireless networks can become a source for the vulnerability that leaves an organization’s internal network open to exploits. Improper Configuration and implementation can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information or systems – often without the hacker even setting foot inside the building.

Our wireless security audit ensures protection against unauthorized access to wireless networks and wireless data and verifies the segregation of guest access from private networks and systems. It also identifies potential backdoors through rogue access points. Assesses corporate, guest, and point-to-point wireless LAN deployments to identify weaknesses in architecture, configuration, authentication, and encryption, including identification of rogue access points. Validates that authentication and encryption prevent unauthorized access and traffic snooping.

  • Enumeration of all active SSIDs
  • Evaluation of authentication/encryption strength for authorized wireless networks
  • Assessment of isolation of guest wireless
  • Enumeration of vulnerabilities with wireless infrastructure
  • Review of guest/user wireless account provisioning protocols
  • Identification of rogue access points
  • Evaluation of access achievable through rogue wireless
  • Remediation recommendations
  • Authorized employee wireless networks
  • Guest wireless networks/supporting infrastructure
  • Special purpose wireless networks
  • Point-to-point wireless networks
  • Auth/encryption protocol/implementation vulnerabilities
  • Network segregation issue
  • Rogue access points/networks

Krash Consulting offers an onsite Wireless Security Assessment and penetration test that can provide your organization with a detailed insight at the current risk of your wireless implementation. Our experienced security analysts take on the role of a malicious actor and attempt to penetrate the wireless network. After gaining access, the analysts try to compromise systems and information through ethical hacking methods – providing the means to evaluate the implementation and deployment of the wireless infrastructure.

When the evaluation is complete, our analysts make recommendations and consult with your organization to develop strategies that reduce risk exposure.

  • Enhances wireless network security
  • Identify and minimize security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Prevent malicious or unintended activities
  • Avoid incidents that put the organization’s goodwill and reputation at stake.
  • Meeting regulatory compliance

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