Network Infrastructure Security Audit

Network Security Audit comprises the reviews of security principles, network solutions, traffic flows, and security solutions. It helps an organization decide the steps that need to be followed to prepare the company and its network infrastructure.

Preliminary meetings are conducted with key stakeholders to make sure there is a complete understanding of the organization’s infrastructure.

During the network security audit:

  • Identifying potential areas that are vulnerable to data compromise and disclosure
  • Checking of problems and vulnerabilities of employees, partners, and stakeholders
  • Documentation of weaknesses and issues within the company’s IT infrastructure
  • Assessment of internal network to determine it interacts with outside parties
  • Investigation of Internal network weaknesses
  • Review of all wireless nets, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID and rogue devices
  • Awareness in employees about social engineering attacks

Krash Consulting uses a variety of public domain and proprietary tools to assess network infrastructure. Unlike mere vulnerability scanning software, we analyze existing vulnerabilities and find potentially hidden attack paths to other systems.

Examples of what we assess include but not limited to:

  • Improperly configured firewalls, routers, and switches
  • Insecure domain controllers and directory services
  • Web server exploits
  • Incorrectly configured database servers
  • Weak authentication mechanisms
  • Inconsistent configurations and patch management
  • Validation of high-severity results through manual verification process

This process benefits you by eliminating false positives, which is often impossible to accomplish with scans done by only relying on automated security scanning tools.


Consultants always methodically outline and present to you the specific, actionable steps they recommend helping you improve your overall security posture. Our well-defined Network Infrastructure Audit includes numerous options for you to consider, and all projects are tailored to meet your needs. We fully understand that every situation and every client is different.

To work with you as a trusted, third-party expert on the network security architecture, we start with an evaluation of your current information security posture with our expertise and experience in the area, industry best practices.

Our team performs against our proprietary, mature, highly disciplined process that includes:

  • Fully understanding your business objectives upfront
  • Holding project pre-planning and goal-setting sessions with your experts
  • Executing structured interviews within your team on topics like your network management processes
  • Reviewing your network segmentation scheme and security device placements
  • Engaging in configuration assessments of specific security and other networking devices, and
  • Thoroughly documenting all of our work, our findings, and our recommendations in a format acceptable to you

The recommendations we’ll deliver to you will assist you in making well-informed decisions about when and where you will ultimately choose to increase the effectiveness of your network security systems and overall network security architecture.

  • Enhance network security posture
  • Recognition of vital assets and domains
  • Guaranteeing security and accomplishing compliance
  • Understanding network’s design from a security perspective
  • Decrease in operating and capital costs by combining functionalities
  • Increase in external and internal infrastructure security
  • Integration of technologies that add value to your existing security infrastructure
  • With the help of a network security audit, you should be able to improve your architecture to improve your overall security posture.

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