DMZ/Network Architecture Review

Have you recently planned or made changes to the network?

Are you sure your network architecture is secure?

Our DMZ/ Network Architecture Reviews will help you identify configuration and topology issues through analysis of the design and configuration of the network. Regardless of recent improvements in your network performance and capacity, it is essential for network administrators to periodically assess the liability of network technology and its ability to meet business needs. Consequently, network performance assessments can help organizations determine whether the programs, hosts, and applications that are installed on the corporate network function properly.

We utilize our vast experience to act as professional testers concerning the security architecture of our clients’ network architecture by performing a comprehensive audit, including analysis & optimization of vulnerabilities.

Krash Consulting’s review enables our clients to identify how their network architecture and controls are protecting critical assets, sensitive data stores, and business-critical interconnections per their organization’s business and security practices.


During network architecture review, we undergo technical and high-level assessments to identify the various possible flaws within the network by reviewing the overall network design of the system, including personnel, processes, and technologies. Krash Consulting’s Network review ensures that your network is safe from a security perspective.

  • Network access controls and network segmentation
  • Third-party and partner integration and access
  • Current network topology
  • Key security architecture design assumptions
  • Inventory of existing security technologies
  • Security policies, guidelines, and procedures
  • Business continuity and contingency preparedness
  • Gap analysis of missing/incomplete/improperly implemented security controls

Information Gathering

We obtain information about your network using two approaches. First, we go through all the documentation, including network architecture and diagram, security requirements, technology inventory, and DMZ. Second, to get clarity on the missing information, we interview network architects, network engineers, security analysts, and management.

Analysis of findings

The network findings and the gathered information are analyzed whether they abide by the standards, laws and regulations, and prevailing security practices that are most relevant to them.

Suggestions and Recommendations

A final draft of all the suggestions and recommendations is prepared and presented to you. This final draft mentions all the prescribed network enhancements and the changes in the technology that would be associated with the upgrades.

  • To improve network security awareness
  • To assess risk
  • To mitigate risk immediately
  • To reinforce the network security process
  • To assist in decision-making processes
  • To Validate that current security mechanisms are working
  • Compliance to security standards and regulations

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