Configuration Review

Most of the network devices are configured in a way to run the business without taking care of the security. Configuration reviews help in identifying the gaps in network devices such as routers, switches, anti-viruses, anti-spyware, anti-malware firewalls, WLAN Controllers, and load balancers. Many security vulnerabilities discovered due to incorrect installations or configurations.

Krash Consulting’s team of analysts review and assess the systems to ensure their configuration to inhibit an individual or group from easily accessing the IT environment.

Our configuration reviews include

  • Anti-Virus/Anti Spyware/ Anti Malware products installed, configured correctly and kept up to date
  • Host-based IDS/IPS/Firewalls
  • Open TCP and UDP ports
  • Service permissions
  • Operating system and third-party software patch level
  • User accounts (Local and Group)
  • Security policies (Local and Group)
  • Network shares and permissions
  • Available network interfaces
  • The storage mechanism of passwords (are they stored securely), including cached credentials and password history and policy

Our configuration reviews help in understanding unnecessary exposure to your systems, and how your configurations can be improved to increase security.

During the review, our consultants will seek to understand your network and your business requirements, consulting network diagrams, and configuration standards to gain context for the engagement.

Configuration of your devices is assessed to identify rules or settings which could present a risk to your systems.

Configuration reviews will seek to determine where access permissions can be tuned, and where management procedures can be refined to increase the protection of the devices.

Change control, User management, and Rule base clarity rules are also assessed

Our report aims to provide recommendation for improvements to the specific regulations and to identify changes to the processes

  • Understanding whether any weaknesses in the configuration are causing unnecessary exposure within your environment
  • Identifying gaps in management procedures which can improve with time
  • Ensuring the change control processes to work properly
  • Internal and external compliance requirements meet for due diligence on devices configuration

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