Application Security Assessment

An Application Security Assessment is a vital part of every organization’s software development cycle. Organizations often face the challenge of finding an experienced team of analysts to conduct intensive, high quality, and non-automated application security assessments. We have indeed built a strong reputation in vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and penetration testing services. With this being our area of expertise, we are ideally suited to use our extensive knowledge and experience for your next application security assessment.

Our client requests our penetration testing services for the reasons below:

  1. Before making a software purchase, organizations often engage with us to evaluate the security of the proposed third-party software. The results of the assessment, along with other factors, are used in making purchase decisions.
  2. As part of the Software Development Life Cycle, Krash Consulting assesses in-house developed applications that are destined for commercial or private use by an organization. The results of the assessment are used to improve the security posture of the product before its public release.

Application-level security vulnerabilities are often overlooked and can put your entire organization’s data at risk.

Application security requires a comprehensive approach that is both broad and deep.

Applications must be evaluated continually for new security vulnerabilities keeping in consideration the rapid change in the threat landscape. The best way to achieve your goals is to combine the unique perspectives offered by both manual and automated security assessment into a unified, integrated approach.

External Applications represent an organization’s connectivity to the Internet and its partners, clients, and suppliers. Applications are critical assets that drive revenue, customer awareness, and sales activity, which makes them attractive targets for threat actors, and the source for a majority of reported security breaches.

Internal Applications are accessible through an organization’s internal network that house sensitive information such as intellectual property, client data, employee information, and sales data.

Our elite team exceeds the OWASP Top 10 to test the state of your application and provide actionable recommendations to enhance it’s security.


Krash Consulting conducts an in-depth vulnerability review of the application in scope. Our application security assessments are conducted using all necessary techniques, including protocol analysis of legitimate traffic, reverse engineering, protocol fuzzing, as well as manual and custom attacks.

Krash Consulting Application Security Assessment services offer companies the confidence and expertise needed for secure software deployment across their organization.

Application security assessment typically includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Interviews with the critical application and system administrators: Interviews focus on the application architecture, technical implementation, environmental layout, and operational security procedure.

Application vulnerability penetration testing: Web applications are tested for several vulnerabilities, including, but not limited to, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, cookie manipulation, session management authentication, and authorization attacks.

Evaluation of internal application communications and data storage: This assessment is designed to identify weaknesses in both the transmission and storage of sensitive data

Code review: Review of application code to validate secure coding practices and identification of undetected vulnerabilities

Evaluating web applications against industry standards such as the latest revision of the Open Web Application Security Project’s testing guide ensures your organization’s web application against a “best practice” framework.

OWASP covers more than 66 active control tests for

  • authentication
  • authorization
  • session management
  • input validation
  • character encoding
  • error handling
  • buffer overflows
  • data validation

which will help ensure that your organization’s information is kept secure from tomorrow’s data-theft attacks.

  • Identification of exploitable security issues
  • Helps in safeguarding the integrity and security of sensitive, business-critical data
  • Enables secure extension of business applications
  • Helps improve productivity by avoiding application downtime and increasing user confidence
  • Supports user confidence in applica¬tion security
  • Helps prevent application downtime and improve productivity
  • Supports efforts to achieve and maintain compliance with govern¬ment and industry regulations

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