Our Team

Every member of our team disseminates a passion for providing the best possible security service that meets your organizational needs and your satisfaction. Our strength lies in our team. We strongly believe in bringing strategic and practical solutions to ensure that security, processes, and financial objectives are aligned to bring you the best possible results. And this starts with a strong leadership team that believes in the company’s vision and purpose.

Our Leadership Team

Naveed Ahmed

Our strategic advisor, is a business enthusiast with an entrepreneurial mindset. With over two decades of experience in engineering and management, he proposes technology-related solutions to several industries. His core work is to set up Corporate & Business strategies; drive innovation from idea to market; steer Sales & Marketing activities; enable Organizational Development.


Our Principal Security Consultant, has primary responsibility for the success of Krash. He is also responsible for driving continuous improvements to Krash’s services. He has extensive experience in delivering cybersecurity assessment services, including Penetration Testing and Red Team Operations.

Syed Abdul Muqeet

Our Business Manager, is responsible for driving our business development strategy, revenue growth, sales and marketing, and operational business functions and channel partnerships. Having worked in the industry for over 12 years, he is experienced at working with organizations to help address their security challenges.

Obaidullah Kazmi

Our strategic advisor, has wide-ranging experience in the software, marketing, and technology sectors in Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe. He has broad experience in providing strategic and technical consulting advice to companies, organizations, and governments worldwide and a proven track record of success over many years, both in troubleshooting and developing companies.

Our team members are industry experts with high qualifications, global certifications, and experiences not less than a decade in Information Technology. Our expertise in the area of reverse engineering, exploit development, fuzzing, and penetration testing makes us exclusive in the field of Cyber Security.