Security systems have been improving and becoming more complex, so have the hacking techniques. Every successful hacks penetrating our Infrastructure has to evade through multiple layers of security in a perfect sequence, but we learn security and attack methods as isolated concepts, which won’t work in Real World. The Best Defence comes with the Best understanding of the Attack Techniques. And that is the reason we have created our unique Trainings giving you deep understanding of the classic to latest Hacking Techniques.

The objective for all our trainings is the hands on we provide and our focus is not theory or PPT slides but real life practical knowledge. All our sessions are conducted by highly experienced professionals who are experts in the area of reverse engineering, exploit development, ethical hacking and penetration testing. The abstract of the training is cutting edge and updated with the most recent developments in Cyber Security.

For certified professionals who desire to take the next step in the cyber security industry, Krash Consulting is the pioneer in creating high-quality content in emerging branches of cyber security. In addition to conducting research on content for courses, our team of instructors are dedicated towards planning, preparing and running well-organized, small-setting classes in which all of our efforts go towards ensuring our learners receive the best experience possible.

Our courses include but are not limited to

  • Advanced Infrastructure Security Assessment Training
  • Developing Exploits
  • Extreme Exploitation
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  • Web Applications Security and Testing

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