Wireless Security Penetration Testing

What is Wireless Network Security Audit?

Wireless network security audit is to analyse overall security of the customer’s wireless networks which includes warwalking, analysis and performing passive and active attacks, simulation of DOS attacks, analysis of used encryption, authentication protocols, improper wireless AP and client configuration.

What are telecom security Assessments?

Telecom security assessments assess the risk on the telecom network which may lead to loss of customer information and availability of services. With the huge growth in telecommunication industry and rapid expansion of telecom networks across the globe resulted in increase in the complexity of the entire system. Telecom security is often ignored due to which telecom security breaches possess a larger consequence to the organisations than core IT.

Krash Consulting aims at providing telecom security services which include penetration testing of SS7 and SIGTRAN, security analysis of SS7 Interconnect, SS7 external information gathering, SMS / MMS fraud audit, SIM & AuC leakage audit, Management & OAM attacks, VAS and IN services analysis.

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