Mobile Application Penetration Testing

What is Application Security?

Application Security is built around the concept of ensuring that the code written for an application does what it was built to do, and keeps the contained data secure. With application security we can focus on three key elements, reducing security vulnerabilities, improving security features and functions and integrating with enterprise security infrastructure.

What is Application Security Testing?

Application Security Testing (AST) is a critical component of application security and the cornerstone of any software security initiative. We at Krash Consulting offer you the most comprehensive collection of solutions to ensure every customer receives the most accurate security testing possible highlighting the critical risks and minimizing false positives.

What is MAPT? How Krash Consulting does it?

Mobile Application Penetration Testing (MAPT) keeps a tab on probable attacks on wearable devices, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, their data and connectivity. Advancements in these devices and their wide variety of operating systems pose challenges for penetration testing of mobile applications. Analysing mobile applications on real time environment, simulation of attacks; testing of popular platforms and devices, identifying mobile device breaches into the system, testing of Windows, iOS and Android Applications are few of the actions that form the core of our Mobile Application Penetration testing at Krash Consulting.

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